About Us

Prime Trailers NZ was established with the purpose of bringing affordable but strong and well built car trailers to the everyday market. With a strong focus on workable design, strength, durability and safety, Prime Trailers works closely with manufacturers to deliver a product that fits both function and price expectations.

We are a team of experienced mechanics with many years in the industry – both in city and rural environments. We understand what is important – where wear and tear occurs, which components need to be upgraded to ensure durability and longevity. We have seen thousands of trailers through our workshop doors over the years, we have built trailers for our own personal use, and we feel we know what counts.

We want to provide you with a trailer that will guarantee years of easy use – strength and reliability without unnecessary tonnage. That is why all our trailers come with the strength of checkerplate decks, commercial grade tyres, 3mm box section steel in our drawbars, leaf spring suspension with a minimum rating of 1.4T for our single axle trailers, up to a massive 8 leaf spring suspension in our flat decks and car transporters; all married with heavy duty spring shackles and bushes.

We are consumers too – that’s what we would want in a trailer, so that’s what we offer to you.

Prime Trailers NZ Kiwitahi,
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